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RIP Trevor, you will be missed. BreakAgibe 30 May, 2019, breaking Benjamin is my favourite band of 2000s. He will be missed greatly by us all. Uriah Heep will not be the same without you. Chainket 7 May, 2019 Carrie Underwood is my favourite US singer. Luke Bryan is my favourite US contry singer. Sati 29 May, 2013 Thanks for the memories Trevor live, and warm a safe journey wherever you gicians Birthday boosted.6.-13 HBD 3 pike 29 May, 2013 Trevor, thank you for the music! Karen Lowe 25 May, 2013 On holiday when I read the very sad to loose a great member of the Heep family. So very devastating, so very hard to believe that he really is gone :-( I have met Trevor and the guys of Uriah Heep lots of times, and he was just such a nice and lovely guy, and such an incredible and awesome bass player. So Trevor has sadly left the building, but we have his music, thanks for that, and.I.P Mr Bolder. You are without any discussion one of the best bassplayers ever who walked the earth! Un abrazo allá donde estés. At the night, under the coverlet of my bed - night after night I heard your music - thank you Trevor - it was my best time. And - that's surprisingly beatiful - in 2019 they have CAN'T SAY IT AIN'T country tour which covers all the USA towns and cities. The early Bowie live work features Trevor playing the bass as a lead part enhancing Ronsons solos.

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bacheka incontri taranto incontri bakeca cagliari

music forever, with love to all who are missing you. My condolances go to the other band members, family and all the friends you leave behind. I saw him(Uriah Heep) twice at the Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland. We are all devastated with the tragic news. Writing takes a lot of time, and we have just the team to come up with great content you need. R.I.P Trevor Hans 23 May, 2013 Thanks for your music. Dearest Trevor, it was such a privilege to have worked with you and known you as a friend. The members Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez are about to give more than 40 concerts for their fans in 20! Dougie the mega 24 May, 2013 Damn, this is the second bad news I received this week! Brian Shea 24 May, 2013 A brilliant musician a great bloke and a good mate. Rest in peace Anuschka Scherschel 23 May, 2013 ". Manni Schmidt Manfred Schmidt 4 June, 2013 The great musician left - music remained. My view: no Bolder, Ronson or Woodmansey in early 1970's would have meant no Bowie breakthrough. Trevor was a great musican and a great guy. ...

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For concert dates list visit urlmFlorida Georgia Line Concerts/url. I still have some memorabels from that time! Eric norlin 23 May, 2013 escort frosinone trav treviso Trevor was a great musician, i had a chance to see him live in Ankara, Turkey recently. Einer der besten Bassisten hat uns verlassen. I will never forget you! Descansa en paz Trevor. We'll miss you, forever fans, Peter Margie xxx Peter Margie Howdon-Brown 2 June, 2013 I'm sure you will play in Heaven too. CarrieAgibe 6 May, 2019 I like EDM songs! He played bass guitar with an amazing style, with a nice transition between notes, but by looking at his face you could tell he was a nice person. Dimitri 23 May, 2013 Wir werden Trevor sehr vermissen, aber nicht vergessen. I had the pleasure of meeting you and watching you play from backstage amazing. All tour dates are available at the urlmCarrie Underwood tour Bakersfield/url. Pj m/amoxicillin/ civohim 22 April, 2019 Best online site for Cialis reviews. Rainer, Germany 30 May, 2013 rest in peace.old mate Bernd Hoffmann 30 May, 2013 Thanks for all the great shows, hope to see you playing again in heaven. I had the god luck to see and meet Uriah Heep 3 times. We will treasure our special memories. Anthony 25 May, 2013 You will be missed. Thanks for your lovely calm manner. No words to describe this loss that will forever be remembered in the world of rock. Every gigs and photos with You from Poland and London. We will not forget you. Something not common at all!

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And I'm going to attend their concert this year. To know more about Johnnyswim in 2019 visit website urlm/url. My thoughts and condolences are with Trevor's family. My thoughts are by his Family, Friends and Band Members. As little girls start growing up and wearing preteen lingerie it can be tough letting them. Die Rockszene verliert einen großartigen Bassplayer und einen feinen Mensch. Maria Lundy 23 May, 2013 It was one of my firtst concert visites when I saw Uriah Heep! Andrej 26 May, 2013 I was shocked this morning to hear the news! A fan from the Spiders to Heep. Herzliches Beileid der Familie. Dave Spruce 25 May, 2013 So sad to hear the news, condolences to family and friends. Wordclass as Mick says. It was an honor to have seen him perform. But sometimes you want to download a video or a movie and the hosting doesn't allow you to.

bacheka incontri taranto incontri bakeca cagliari

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Matthew King 23 May, 2013 Thanks, Trevor, for all the great concerts with your amazing bass-playing. Thank you for some great Music. Then your should check Showbox app. Bon Kinniry 23 May, 2013 trevor was a wonderful human, saw him several times with the heepsters. You are in our hearts - forever. These are films that every person wants to see, but sometimes you can miss at's where applications come in handy you can watch a movies for free. Terry Hunt 2 June, 2013 Chellie my thoughts and prayers are with you. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Yp m/amoxicillin/ latudap 1 April, 2019 urlm/amoxicillin/Buy Amoxicillin Online/url a Online /a.zx m/amoxicillin/ oumitua 1 April, 2019 slot machine win come vincere a slot machine legge slot machine nei bar a href"m slot" scarica giochi gratis /a come diventare. I had the pleasure to spend time with Trevor when we in the band Spearfish opened for Heep on a tour a some years ago. I thought about him yesterday and how he was doing and when he would be back to the Heep and then I got this mail from a friend. Glad we saw him last year in Roermond rolien 30 May, 2013 Dear Trevor! It sounds like you were a warm friend in your personal life. RIP Marcel 28 May, 2013 First saw Bolder with Bowie, Ronson, and Woodmansey in june 1973 in Spa Hall, Bridlington on Spiders last tour. Thanks God, the almighty for Him!

bacheka incontri taranto incontri bakeca cagliari

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Cazzo bagnato fofo gratis donne nude Michael Helffrich 25 May, 2013 meet him once very humble man rare in the rock world loved his bass line in think it over, heep have had some superb musicians in the band over the years trevor. Will be greatly missed, by all.